Today Amaozn Quiz -Oneplus TV Win (27 June ,2020)


Today Amaozn Quiz -Oneplus TV Win (27 June ,2020)


Note = This Aamzon quiz time only Morning 8 AM To 12 PM

♦ Daily Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1 of 5: 

Raja Parba, where Mother Earth is celebrated, is a festival in which Indian state?

The answer is- Odisha 

Question 2 of 5: 

Which space probe team recently won the highest award by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) – the 2020 IAF World Space Award?

The answer is- Chang’e-4

Question 3 of 5: 

Bulbbul is a Hindi language horror film, from the production house of which actress?

The answer is- Anushka Sharma

Question 4 of 5: 

What is the name of Boston Dynamics’s robot dog- famous on the internet, now available for general sale at $74,500?

The answer is- Spot

Question 5 of 5: 

Which country has been named the President of the UN Security Council for August 2021?

The answer is- India

Today Amaozn Quiz -Oneplus TV Win (27 June ,2020)

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