Lockdown Self Concept- A time of Reinvest ,Reinstall ,Renovate

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Lockdown Self Concept- A time of Reinvest ,Reinstall ,Renovate

Every people have different skills, different knowledge, different mastery, but at the end everyone is not perfect in everything, so it’s a lockdown, A Time of Reinvest, Reinstall, Renovate, hope you enjoyed a lot this great article, who surely provide end of the new energy and positiveness of life, here are the i write self concept Lockdown Self Concept- A time of Reinvest ,Reinstall ,Renovate

This 3 Stage are inf to prove that your life anything, anyone, anybody 

 (Caution: This step are not using vise-versa, or up-down manners, that’s the biggest satisfaction with success this article ) 

Stage is —-

[1] Reinvest  (A Theory of Involve) 

 {A}Meaning of Reinvest

           Firstly when reading out this word, everyone is confused, if I am not investing anything, how can I reinvest, right? , keep smiling, because if you read this article and before you study in school, college and class, calculate your age and think about that, till date you invest a lot, different is that it’s suitable to reinstall or renovate or not? , after reading this article you are surly confirm about your investment and decide to reinvest, the motive of this article not to advise you but the motive is to guide your skills to the right direction to reach your goal early, so basically you want to reinvest your “TIME” to your most favorite activities, task or any other and develop your interpersonal skills to succeed .this concept is ” Theory of Involve “after reading this word hope you understand my personal reinvest.

, everything is invested, investing is not a word to describe only the finance sector, but it’s also described as life investing.

Well, I guaranty to after reading this articular you find these 3 above questions answer automatically.

{B} How to Reinvest?

       It’s inf to say that if you read this article and understand my words, then till date you only invest a lot, now time to reinvest, 

Step of Reinvest 

[1] Activate your subconscious mind, and involve your time to reinvest 

[2] Find your great interest ( calculate life most time used in which activities ) 

[3] Click on words on your mind for your interest related

[4] Speck about this word for continually 5 Minuit against the mirror, if you have done, you are perfect reinvest or if not, now you have time to reinvest,

[5] Understand your interest, not select your interest,

[6]  Interest reinvest method is the path of success + satisfaction!

{c} Why to Reinvest?

  I want to ask some simple questions

[+] Who wants to not become rich?

[+] Who wants to not reach is a success before time?

[+] Who wants to not save his future after invest and reinvest?

[+] who don’t want to great retirement?

[+] Who doesn’t want to see the fame and value of his life?

Simple is that give me one name of person, who success without his interest working passion, also given name to the person who success only after invest, no one can success only one-time invest, they failed in 1000 times to succeed and after failure, they again invest called ” REINVEST” .at the point of some time after getting  success they go to phase “REDEVELOP”, noted down only reinvest is not step of successful life career path,  after that next step is to reinstall, discussed below,

{2} Reinstall  ( A concept of the Collection)

{A} Meaning of Reinstall 

                    After that first step of reinvesting, next step is to reinstall, I am not talking about computer software or driver reinstall, hope at least now you can guess the right meaning of this step after reading reinvest step, an if not, then you waste your time to read reinvest step .read again carefully above step, you will easily understand the meaning to reinstall,

well, I share the meaning of reinstall, firstly how can you reinstall without reinvesting, reinstall is a process of fill the gap between reinvesting and renovative, after that you give your time to reinvest, next time slot demand reinstalls, this step are called “Concept of the collection” .find your reinvest research and joint with that reinstall step.

{B} How to Reinstall?

     Below steps are follow to reinstall your self —-

[+] Noted down your reinvest interest research in any ware or your mind,

[+] Bold this interest any find any  interest related suggestions, articles, websites, books, podcasts, audios, videos,

[+] Listen, read, understand them to start to end carefully and make combine the result of overall by your side

[+] Point to be noted for your collection and at least now you minimize your interest summery to maximize understanding,

[+] Ready that final output and keep safe your mind or any ware, all collection summery are store by a particular method, when any time you open, quickly getting a right point with the right meaning,

[+] Also keep updated with this collection, and change your summery result day by day

That’s it. this process called reinstall!

{C} Why to Reinstall?

     You want to reinstall your self because —-

[+] orthodox and old ideas are good to keep mind only, not real life

[+] Success is demand something new

[+] Reinstall skills develop your mindset is

[+] This step was to update the lookout of your particular interest because you reinvest and reinstall about your interest enthusiastically.

So overall if I convert this step to middle step of success, I am not wrong to giving right name called ” Concept of Collection ” if you are reinstalling, you are new to come in the market, and updated person in the market to know the advanced solution of something,

{3} Renovate  ( A Plan of Action)


{A} Meaning of Renovate 

                                     Last & final step was called renovate, you all know I am not talking about for home, building & construction renovation, I am discussing life, yourself and business renovation, after that above both steps are nothing without this final step, because if you reinvest your time for your interest, reinstall your time to data collection, and not a renovate time for action, then above step are nil, and that’s why I called this step ” Plan of actions”, so research and collection was over, now time to implementation, renovation, taken action, hope my that words are inf to describe you a meaning of renovating.

Renovate words who giving new challenges and new energy of every person’s mind, why that lots of the corporate sector are renovated his business structure? you try to know that behind reason?

that’s it, now I start to introduce renovate meaning and real use!

{B} How to Renovate?

       Below steps are followed to renovate  —-

[+] Ready your collection summarize and make a plan of action for implied in life or business

[+] Before noted each and every point of implied visualize, again and again, even 10 times in the day,

[+] Noted that visualization summary in two points {1} Pro {2} cons.

[+] Ready with an advance plan of action to implied in your interest activities


    Question – What is the advance plan of action?  

   Ans – A plan who has 3 more actionable summaries in a plan for single success, when one fails, try second, if the second fail, try third, but that main point is between used these three action summary no single negative effect on your interest activities.

[+] Start implementation a step by step in your interest activities, and also calculate the effect of this, also noted down this positive & negative effects.

[+] Take final action, and remove negative effects + cons of your plan 

[+] The Last launch your renovate plan with close eyes, because it defiantly gives you a lot, maybe the way of real success or maybe success ! because you have followed and hard with this three-step and it results is the only miracle   

{C} Why to Renovate?

  After getting too much deep research, too much responsibility plan of action, it’s good inf to know a thing, why to renovate? 

You must renovate because ——

[+] People haven’t time to accept in your old ideas, old knowledge, even your self don’t like you with your old skills, 

[+] This century create new history on every single day, read out most of the sites, they updated this portion ” What’s new”  ? because they know if we are not getting right updated action people will take his next move and leave it us! 

[+]  This step is giving you the next future updated information also, so you can think advance and try to make development before time! 

[+] Successful people are not only walking with time, but they also kept advance steps in his mind to walk with time. 

About the Author 

So, how does my article or blog, the name is Lockdown Self Concept- A time of Reinvest ,Reinstall ,Renovate these are my personal words that motivated you to even 1 percent of your life, to give me your love, encouragement and inspiration to invest, to reinstall, to renew myself again on the next difficult issues and for your kind details to the reader, I write this blog with my own words.

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